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About This Website

Lately I have been into buying and selling on a few different auction websites. I can be found selling many of my household items, basically stuff I have bought that I have no use for - clothing, gift like items, shoes, etc. I've also been auctioning off some of my handmade items, such as my soaps, my chocolates, and my notebooks.

I have been selling and buying off of Gothic Auctions the most. You can find my user information on THIS PAGE on GA.

The next website that I visit frequently is Ebay. I do visit and buy off of eBay frequently; however, due to their fees, I do not sell nearly as much on eBay. You can find my eBay page HERE.

The last website that I visit is Goth Auctions. The only real reason that I ever made an account on that website is because of when Gothic Auctions had shut down for a time for repairs to their website and such. I use it rarely; there are many more deadbeats and asshats on that website than on the other two, it would seem. Anyways my user info on GO is found HERE. I don't really sell or buy here, I just scan it pretty much.

If you want to recieve updates on when I post up new auctions, join my Yahoo! group:

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